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“Like many charming young couples, Joyce and Kevin O’Brien apparently “had it all”—successful careers and a loving marriage—until that dream took on the quality of a nightmare when they were both, almost simultaneously, diagnosed with life-threatening conditions. Abruptly, their lives were filled with such despair that most people would have given up.

For Joyce and Kevin, however, this was not the end of their journey but the beginning. By recognizing their own power and the miracles that bless each and every one of us (if only we open our eyes to see them), Joyce and Kevin began the process of recovery. Often heartbreaking and frequently exhilarating, this remarkable story reminds each of us just what is possible in our own life—through determination, love, faith, and perseverance.

Having produced many stories over the years for Diane Sawyer, Charlie Rose, and Charles Kuralt, I’ve been associated with countless inspiring tales of individuals who overcame adversity in many forms, but I’ve never encountered a story quite like this. Without exaggeration, this is one of the most moving and inspiring books I’ve ever read.”

—Tom Martin,  President, Tom Martin Media, LLC

“This wonderful, uplifting, inspiring book may contain the key to wellness that can change your life.  It worked for me.”

–Brian Tracy, Author, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

“O’Brien’s journey from living the dream life of a thirty-something successful professional to the nightmare of her and her husband having advanced cancer is a roller coaster ride packed with emotions. Her passion for life jumps off the pages, and even in her darkest hour, her sense of humor shines through!”

— JJ Virgin PhD, CNS, Celebrity Wellness Expert, Author “Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy”, Pres. of Natl Assoc of Nutrition Prof., Co-Star of TLC’s Freaky Eaters
“It’s not a book, but a black hole that sucks you in, wreaks havoc with your emotions, and then lets you out on the other side satisfied, inspired, and in awe of the human potential.”

—Alex Lubarsky, CEO, Health Media Group, Inc.
“O’Brien’s path to becoming cancer free was not an easy one—she was diligent and unrelenting in her commitment to get well. She did everything she was told and more: she bravely ventured into an unconventional new world and never let go of hope, and as a reward for her determination, she and her husband beat all the odds.”

—Richard Linchitz, MD, Board of Directors, International Organization of IPT Physicians (IOIP), Board of Directors, International College of Integrative Medicine, (ICIM), Board of Directors, American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
“Truly one of the most inspirational books I have read. Joyce and Kevin O’Brien’s remarkable story is told with humor and heart and stands as a testament to the triumph of human spirit. Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. Choose to Live! provides a very real insight to the disease and, more importantly, serves as a valuable resource for anyone facing a life challenge—or can be passed on to someone who is. A must-read.”

—Dottie Galliano, President, Renaissance Media

#1 Bestseller Choose to Live
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