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Your Health Crisis Survival Kit Are you or a loved one facing a health crisis?
Have chronic health issues?
Ready to stop all of that—and live a vibrant life?

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Table of Contents


Chapter One: It’s Getting Cloudy: Brain Hemorrhage. 

Chapter Two: It’s Raining: Spina Bifida.

Chapter Three: It’s Pouring: Stage 2.

Chapter Four: The Craziologist

Chapter Five: Hit by a Truck—No, Make That Three Trucks.

Chapter Six: The Old Man Is Snoring: Chemo.

Chapter Seven: Hair, Hair . . . Anywhere?.

Chapter Eight: It’s a Thunderstorm: Kevin’s Cancer

Chapter Nine: Malignant Melanoma.

Chapter Ten: The Typhoon: Stage 4.

Chapter Eleven: The Rain Is Letting Up: Defining Moments.

Chapter Twelve: Yes and No.

Chapter Thirteen: The Clouds Are Starting to Break Up: Switzerland.

Chapter Fourteen: The Loch Ness Monster

Chapter Fifteen: My Mom: My Rock.

Chapter Sixteen: A Ray of Sunshine Peeks through the Clouds: My Second Trip to Switzerland.

Chapter Seventeen: Where the Fun Picks Up: The Amazing Voyage Out of Cancer

Chapter Eighteen: The Sun Is Shining: Miracles Big and Small

Epilogue: Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve

#1 Bestseller Choose to Live
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