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Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

You are not going to believe me when I tell you the great gift I gave myself for Valentine’s Day.  It’s a gift that only I can give myself and only you can give yourself.  

Valentine’s Day is so great isn’t it?  We get to show our love with sweet little gifts and cards and receive love in a very special way.  It just makes you feel good all over.  I couldn’t wait until my daughters and Kevin opened their gifts, because I knew they would be so excited!  I get a little more creative, since we don’t do the standard box of chocolate.  They never know what lurks inside the gift bag.
The chocolate, flowers, dinner and maybe a movie are all such a special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day and being treated a little special.  I decided to give myself a gift too.  I’d been thinking…don’t you want the kind of gift that doesn’t just last until the final petal falls off or maybe doesn’t even make it through the day like that box of chocolates?  

Have you ever thought, “I’d like something more, maybe a little bit different?”  With all the traveling I’ve been doing, the online release of my book Choose to Live and the holidays, things started to pile up at home – unreturned phone calls, emails and then there was the most dreaded pile up of all — my closet.  I could barely walk into my closet, it was a mess, which is a real bummer when you are packing and unpacking all the time and have to decide what to wear for 5 days at a time. 
I Felt Great on the Outside, but…

I felt great outside my closet, but I felt frustrated and lousy every time I went in there.  I was holding on to things that no longer served me – they either didn’t fit properly or I didn’t feel great in them.  It sucked the energy out of me. 

It was like holding on to 50 pounds of excess weight that I didn’t need.  I had thought I used most of what was in there since I had cleaned it out about 6 months ago.  I didn’t realize that there was so much that didn’t work for me at all, in fact, it was hurting me. 
So last weekend I decided that I was losing so much time and energy by allowing this to stay that way that I was inspired to clean out my closet.  Before I knew it, I had released over half of what I no longer needed.  Next thing you know I was going back in to release more and then I cleaned out my drawers too. 

When I was finished, I was free of all that excess weight and I felt free and energized.  I loved how amazing it felt so much that I have been going back in there several times a day just to look at it and admire how awesome it feels.  Now someone else is going to be thrilled to receive the benefit of all that I didn’t need and have just released.
I was so inspired by how great I felt after the success with my closet that next I decided I was going to do a cleanse in preparation of my upcoming Vibrant Life Virtual Intensive

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