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What Did You Expect?

Are you in tune with a way of being and living that creates amazing opportunities for yourself? Or are you remaining a victim to your current belief system, expecting little or nothing to change? The majority of the population believes that you have to just accept life the way that it is, seeing no other way than how life currently looks. They become attached to life only being one way instead of being committed to the amazing opportunities the Universe holds. There’s an important difference between commitment and attachment, especially while on a journey to heal. It’s equally important to keep in mind how much our attachment to expectations can impact our overall healing. You see, the Universe can only give us the good stuff when we give up control and expectation. So, are you attached to any expectations around your healing

You might not realize it but expectation impacts every single area of our lives. From the time we’re children, we are both given and set ourselves up for expectations. Parents, teachers, friends, siblings, our children, significant others – just about everyone – has expectations of us and us of them. We even set expectations of ourselves – our result, goals, careers, life, purpose, etc. In fact, the fastest path to disappointment, sadness, unhappiness, issues in relationships, etc. is having an expectation that is unmet. Why? Expectations breed judgment of how something “should” be done or “should” look. Followed by emotions from being judged.

And where do our expectations come from? We create expectations based on what other people expect of us, essentially building our belief system of ourselves off of someone else’s, ultimately becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than being our perfect and authentic self. For example, when we set expectations upon others, we simply set them up to fail because our expectations are our vision of what and how something should look. It’s unrealistic. After all, how can we expect someone else to meet our expectations when they’re our expectations, but it’s their journey to take? Someone else can never meet our expectations.

Here’s the amazing part! You can give yourself the opportunity to connect with and tap into the divine power of who you are and why you want to heal by releasing your expectations. Once you release all expectations of yourself and others, the Universe and people are now free to be. People can far exceed any preconceived notions you’ve had and the Universe, in turn, can now give us bigger and better than we ever could have expected or come up with on our own. Think about what you could manifest almost instantly on your own healing journey. What can you manifest when things come naturally and effortlessly because you no longer have to work so hard to meet and exceed anyone’s expectations? And, moreover, why? You see, once we’ve created the space, the universe is ready to create and replace it with something bigger and better. So, when things are not working for you, create the space for something new. The Universe is ready to give it to you when you are.



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