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Choose to Live – Our Big Surprise!

Joyce O'Brien - Choose To Live


Choose to Live is the name of my brand new book, and I am so excited to share our story with you!


Did you know that my husband Kevin and I are cancer survivors?  Choose to Live recounts our journey from late stage cancers to vibrant health, and it is now available: Order Choose to Live.


We had it all, and then…

Like so many people, we thought we had it all.  We were in our 30s, traveling, spending time with friends and family.  With a successful Wall Street Career, we were in the midst of building our dream home and planning our family.  Then within a span of 5 years, our world came crumbling down.  Kevin became paralyzed after a brain hemorrhage and we were both diagnosed with late-stage cancers and told our chances for survival were slim to none.


We refused to accept the grim diagnosis and have our young child become an orphan.  We decided to Choose to Live! And together, we beat all odds.  Yes, I am thrilled to share that Kevin is walking again, and we are both cancer free… ten years later!


My gift to you:

We wanted to share our story in the hope of inspiring others.  Through our journey we discovered that we can heal, we have the ability.  You have this ability too!  By healing the body from the inside out, you can live a life brimming with physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


As my gift to you, just for purchasing my book, Choose to Live, I would like to offer you a choice of either:


1. a FREE one-on-one Discovery Session with me ($400 value) or

2. a FREE copy of my best selling audio, Being Cancer Free ($15.95 value)(While supplies last)


To receive your gift, simply email us at . Be sure to include your name, proof of book purchase and the words “Discovery Session” or “Audio” in the subject.


“This wonderful, uplifting, inspiring book may contain the key to wellness that can change your life.  It worked for me.”

–Brian Tracy, Author, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

“It’s not a book, but a black hole that sucks you in, wreaks havoc with your emotions, and then lets you out on the other side satisfied, inspired, and in awe of the human potential.”

—Alex Lubarsky, CEO, Health Media Group, Inc.

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We want to hear from you:

Please feel free to enter a comment below and provide your feedback on the book. We’d love to hear from you!

One Response to “Choose to Live – Our Big Surprise!”

  • Joyce,
    Just finished your book. I’m snowed in in NJ today, which I really love, so decided to check your book out which I received a day or two ago. I have every book ever written on cancer, I think, and I almost didn’t get yours. I’m so glad I did. I fell in love with you and loved everything you said and did. Well, almost! I wouldn’t have advised going for that second round of chemo , etc. But, it’s a learning experience. I cried my eyes out most of the time, having gone through my sister’s cancer journey with her which lasted 4 years.
    I was the support person for my sister and my husband who were both diagnosed around the same time. We were probably in Bad Aibling in Germany at the Clinic St. Geroges for my sister to get Hyperthermia when you were in Switzerland. We were always into the MindBody, Louise Hay thing so we did work on that quite a bit. My sister was a Nutritionist and had groups of people following her wherever we went. We went to so many clincs in this country and Europe that I had to wind up claiming bankruptcy. Unfortunately, as good as she looked and we thought she was doing, Marlene did not make it. I’ve spent the 7 years since her death learning about cancer and trying to figure out why, though we did probably all you did, she didn’t make it.
    I’ve worked to educate myself and become certified in the therapies I believe are the answer. I am totally with you on the Body, Mind, and Spirit thing. We are so behind in this country; it is a crying shame. I have devoted every penny I have and every moment I have to learning how we can heal from this thing we call a dis-ease, but which I have come to learn is really a survivial program our bodies put into action when our lives are out of balance. I am a German New Medicine practitioner and Meta-Medicine Integrative Health Coach along with being a Holistic Counselor and Matrix Energetics and Reimpritning practitioner. We believe that cancer begins with a trauma/shock/conflict that we have no way of dealing with. Our bodies are always working to help us survive and go into a healing program that sends extra cells to an area in distress or ulcerates certain areas to widen them for survival. Mother Nature never makes a mistake. I’ve come to see dis-ease as a message to get back to your life’s purpose or your soul’s purpose, to be who you really are rather than what you think others want you to be.
    I certainly believe that this health care overhaul is a joke becasue we don’t have health freedom in this country. We have to spend thousands to go across the ocean to get natural treatments that build the body up rather than tear it down. I can’t bear going into a hospital or doctor’s office anymore because I just don’t like their tactics or techniques. They are all about pills and symptoms, not root cause.
    I could talk about this forever and don’t want to take up more of your time. I just want to say how happy I am to have found someone with the same purpose I have; namely, to get us to the point where we are not afraid of the word cancer and do not see it as a death sentence. We can do this and I thank yo so much for getting the word out. Everyone says i should write a book about what we went through and all I’ve learned, but my sister didn’t make it and I’m, thank God, healthy. My husband did make it, but he didn’t do any of the alternative stuff. He had radiation and it worked. I don’t want to spread that word although I do beleive it’s not the treatment so much as what you believe about the treatment. I do know after all these years that changes must be made and my husband made them. My sister wanted to but was unable to for various reason. Dr. Hamer says we must heal the conflict and make the changes called for in order to heal. Of course, supporting the body with the best food possible, juicing, etc. is important, too. But, if the changes aren’t made, you can’t heal and/or the cancer will come back.
    I am so happy for your success and your husband’s. It is very invigorating for me to know that what I’m working on and believing in is true. You’ve proved it. God Bless! and as we Italians say, “Cent’Anni”! P.S. I’m also a NES, Nutri-Energetics Practitioner which is all about the Meridians. It is the healing of the future today using energy as information. Very Quantum Physics based; it’s almost miraculous.

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